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Things to Consider

DNA testing is a powerful tool, but it’s not perfect.

There are some things to think about.    


No type of DNA testing can find all inherited conditions.

Different DNA tests look for different conditions. Also, even if a condition is on your test, there will still be a small chance you have an inherited form of the condition even if there are no DNA findings on your test.


The meaning from your test may change in the future.

Scientists are learning more about DNA every day. Although your DNA will not change, what we know about your DNA findings may. You can check back from time to time. Also, be sure to tell your doctor if your or your family’s health changes.


Laws protect your right to health insurance and employment, but not long-term care, life, or disability insurance.

Health insurance companies or employers cannot use DNA results to deny an application or employment. For other insurance policies, you may want to be sure you have non-cancellable policies in place. You can read more here:

What To Know About Your Insurance Before Genetic Testing


Health insurance will sometimes pay for DNA testing if there is a

health issue in the family.

If there is no health issue, insurance will usually not pay for DNA testing. The cost to the patient varies, but it is often available for between $250-450.

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