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What to Expect About Your Test Results

Don't Worry! Many people have findings on DNA testing.
Everyone has inherited factors—knowing yours may even help you.


A test is positive if there is some type of DNA finding. 


The meaning of a DNA finding varies depending on the type of condition. Medical action may or may not be needed right away. You doctor will look at the type of condition, the DNA finding, and other health and lifestyle factors to decide on next steps.


A test is negative if no DNA finding is found. 


Be aware that even state-of-the-art DNA testing cannot find all differences in DNA.   


A test may find something called a Variant of Uncertain Significance or VUS.


A VUS is a difference in DNA that is not well understood. Most often, these findings do not change your care, depending on any health issues that you or family members have. If scientists later learn more about the finding, your test result may change.