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Genetic Testing Information Guides

We provide a supportive place to review complete and easy-to-understand basics about genetic testing and screening options for pregnancy. Our Guides are meant for general information purposes and should not replace the advice of a medical provider. For personalized guidance, our Family Screens are a good place to start.

Free Information Guides

We also provide a list of resources based in science and medicine you can trust.

Other Resources

Other things to know about us:

  • Our genetics experts provide personalized plans for genetic screening.

  • We do not take money from laboratories, so we aren’t trying to sell anyone a test.

  • Many people who use our service may decide they don’t want any DNA testing, and we support that choice. 

  • We may suggest some special medical services unrelated to DNA testing. 

  • We have real human beings ready to provide that human touch.


Most babies are healthy! Reading about all these options can make even the calmest would-be parents get nervous. All couples have at least a 3-5% chance for some type of birth defect even if they have all the tests available, and yet we know that most kids are happy and healthy.