Privacy Policy Highlights

We promise to protect sensitive personal information. We encourage you to read our Notice of Privacy Policies and HIPAA Authorization, but we also understand that you may want some highlights, listed below.

Protecting your privacy
  • We follow the standards for storage of and communication about health data laid out by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).​

  • Our clinical experts (and only they) will review health data to create reports.

  • We are not a laboratory and therefore will not ask for a sample of DNA. 

  • We will store any medical records such as medical test results according to HIPAA standards.

  • We do not use health data for marketing reasons.

  • We do not sell health data to other parties.

  • In order to serve our customers, we partner with business associates who also meet the standards for HIPAA and other legal requirements. We have signed business associate agreements with those partners and list them in our Notice of Privacy Policies.