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Precision medicine is trendy, but stories in the news and on companies' websites can be confusing, and at times, misleading. To help separate fact from fiction, Mainstream Genomics offers a range of tools and services to help health systems and physician practices responsibly and cost-effectively implement precision medicine.  Our team of clinical, scientific, and technology experts provide customized solutions for you and your practice.

Free Patient Education

Genetic testing can be complex, but there are some basics your patients should know. We offer free, easy-to-understand education about the benefits and limitations of genetic testing. Our independence from laboratories allows us to deliver balanced, unbiased content. 

Online Case Consultations

Patients can submit their medical and family history online, and our genetics experts will send their doctors reports on the genetic risk for disease and the next steps to take for the patients' care plans. 

Genetic Test Evaluations

Labs aggressively market their tests to physicians and institutions. Unlike pharmaceuticals, most genetic tests are not cleared by a regulatory body. As more tests involve algorithmic and complex scientific development, clinicians need an unbiased, scientific evaluation of clinical validity & utility.