Starting or
Growing a Family?

Whether you are ready now or just thinking about it, reviewing your family medical history is an important step.


Understand Your Chances for a Healthy Baby

The greatest likelihood for most pregnancies is a healthy baby. However, a review of your family medical history can help you and your healthcare provider determine whether any genetic testing is right for you. 

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More than 10% of couples have a genetic issue that routine prenatal care does not identify.*

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Genetic testing is not one-size-fits-all. Choosing the right genetic test depends on both partners' medical history.



We pledge to protect your personal information and will only use your data to serve you.

Our Services

Each of our online family medical history questionnaires is designed for where you are in your personal journey to parenthood.

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For people who are considering pregnancy, freezing eggs or sperm, or fertility care

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For people who are already pregnant

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For people who want to learn their own chances for inherited diseases of adulthood.

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For people considering an egg donor

Sperm Donor Screen_Stacked.png

For people considering a sperm donor

How It Works

Put simply, our genetic counselors review your family medical history to determine your chances for a healthy baby and recommend any medical or genetic testing to better assess those chances.

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one of our services, called Family Screens, that fits your family's goals.


your health and family information through a simple, secure, online form.


your report with your healthcare provider to decide about genetic testing.

We Help Find The Right Genetic Tests For You

Fertility care and prenatal care providers usually ask some basic family history questions and bring up standard genetic testing. This information is more complete with an in-depth review of family medical history by a genetic counselor, who is specially trained about genetic conditions and genetic testing. Here's how you and your healthcare provider could benefit:

Other Things To Know About Us

  • We do not take money from laboratories, so we aren’t trying to sell anyone a test.

  • Many people who use our service may decide they don’t want any DNA testing, and we support that choice. 

  • We may suggest some special medical services unrelated to DNA testing. 

  • We have real human beings ready to provide that human touch.

Just Looking for General Information about Genetic Screening?


What People Are Saying about Mainstream Genomics

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I have referred many of my patients to Mainstream Genomics, and we have been extremely happy with the experience. We receive personalized and specific recommendations that include both the background of a condition, along with the pros and cons of doing further testing. Thank you!

— Ian Kroes, MD

How to reach us:

Mainstream Genomics, LLC


*Meschede, SD and Horst, J.  Prenatal Diagnosis 2000.