Frequently Asked Questions

Won't my doctor or prenatal care provider take care of all this for me?


Health professionals' time with patients is limited for many reasons they can’t control. Your doctor or nurse practitioner can better help you get the right services if you prepare. We provide an easy-to-read report that outlines what steps are right for you and a downloadable report for you to take to your doctor.

Can I just order genetic testing online?


Online DNA testing can be fun for people interested in genealogy or an introduction to genetic testing. But the FDA recommends against using 23andMe for medical purposes, and most other medical DNA testing will first require an order from a physician. Why is that? DNA testing is just one part of the answer. Learn more about important screening during pregnancy.

Why does it take up to 3 days to get my personalized plan?


We all know the perils of relying too much on computer algorithms. We use technology to make our job easier, but a licensed and certified genetics expert will personally review every woman’s health information to design a screening plan that fits her needs. Our experts are also available to talk when you just want that human touch of support.

I don't have any family members with genetic disorders and don’t use any medications or drugs.  Do I still have a chance for birth defects?


Most children with birth defects are born to parents who do not have a family history and have not taken any medications or drugs.  However, by learning about standard screening and reviewing your health and family history with a genetics expert, you are taking a first step toward having a healthy family. You will also be better prepared for the standard screening tests that will likely be offered to you during pregnancy.

Do I have to have genetic screening?


No.  It is your choice, and many women and couples decide they do not want to have screening after they review the benefits and limitations. We support whatever your decision is after we provide you with unbiased and personalized information.

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