Thinking About Pregnancy?

Family Planning DNA Navigator, created by Mainstream Genomics, is here to help you and your health practitioner decide whether medical screening is right for you and your future children.

Discover Your Family's Future Through Family History

Most people planning to start a family assume their children will be healthy. Only about 3-5% of children are born with a birth defect. For some parents, that is enough – the odds favor good news. 

Other would-be-parents want to know more.  The amount of testing available can be confusing. To create a personalized screening plan for your future family, begin by exploring your and your family’s health.

How DNA Navigator Works


Answer some health questions about you and your family.

You will need a password from your doctor. Most people finish the questions within 5-10 minutes. 

We suggest answering our questions the best you can. You can always return to edit your answers later.


Review the free information about DNA testing.

We have no ties to DNA labs, so we are not trying to push you to have DNA testing.


Wait for our genetics experts to review your information.

We will send your doctor a report in 1-3 business days. 


Discuss our recommendations with your doctor.

You do not have to decide anything until you meet with your doctor.

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