A Family's Future Starts with Family History

Introducing the DNA Navigators
Our DNA Navigators Offer Clarity and Confidence

Planning a Pregnancy?

  • For women considering pregnancy

  • Learn whether standard screening tests are right for you

  • Learn the risk for childhood disorders

Already Pregnant?

  • For women who are already pregnant

  • Decide whether standard screening is right for you

  • Learn the risk for childhood disorders

Focused on Adult Conditions?

  • For women considering pregnancy or for their male partners

  • Learn the risk for inherited disease of adulthood

  • Decide whether genetic screening is right for you

How Our DNA Navigators Work

A simple process with a personalized plan delivered to you in 1-3 business days.


Answer some health questions about you and your family.

Most people finish the questions in 10-20 minutes. Your answers will save as you go, and you can always return to add or change information.

Demonstration of how the Pregnancy Planning DNA Navigator works


Review your report.

Our genetics experts will individually review your health information and design a personalized screening plan for you. We are committed to quality and do not rely solely on computer technology, so please allow 1-3 business days to receive your personalized plan.

Meet Our Experts

A certified and licensed genetic counselor reviews every woman’s information. Genetic counselors are health professionals trained to help people understand genetic risks in their families and from DNA testing.


We have a team of genetics specialists with deep expertise in clinical areas such as assisted reproductive technology, obstetrics, oncology, cardiology, and more. They provide advice to our genetic counselors when specialized expertise in a particular area is needed.

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