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Health Information from DNA

Below are examples of conditions often included on medical DNA tests.


Inherited Heart Problems

The common types of heart disease come from both DNA and lifestyle factors like diet and exercise. However, there are some more rare but very serious heart problems that are inherited. If you know you have one of these, there may be steps your doctor can take to avoid the worst of the effects. If left untreated, sudden death is possible. 


Inherited Cancer

Cancer is common, especially as people age. However, about 5-10% of certain types of cancer are inherited. Knowing that you have a higher chance of cancer can allow your doctor to detect cancer earlier or improve treatment.










Some types of cancer seen in inherited form:

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Risk Factors

Risk factors like smoking, fatty foods, sun exposure, and old age increase your chances for health problems.  DNA risk factors work the same way. They don’t cause disease by themselves. However, if you have one, your doctor may suggest some changes to your lifestyle or medical care.


Medication Response

DNA affects how we respond to certain medications. Knowing certain DNA findings in advance may help your doctor choose the best medication the first time.

Different DNA tests may test for different things. After your doctor receives our report, you can find out the specific conditions on a test by asking your doctor or by visiting the laboratory’s website.