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is to be a leader in integrating genetics into mainstream medicine.


is to create digital health tools that help connect genetic services to the people who could benefit from them.

About Mainstream Genomics

Many women assume that their prenatal care providers will give them with the information they need about genetic services. The truth is that many providers don’t have the time to follow the rapidly expanding world of genetics because of their other responsibilities. Women and couples have a right to know what genetic services are available. Knowing before pregnancy is particularly helpful because more choices are available before pregnancy.

Searching the Internet about genetic screening can be overwhelming and, at times, untrustworthy. Laboratories that offer genetic testing usually focus on the benefits of testing. Some not-for-profit organizations and medical societies provide unbiased, reliable information, but their materials are sometimes dense and complex. Finally, other forms of genetic screening, such as ultrasound and family history, are important, too, but receive less attention. 

Mainstream Genomics is a trustworthy resource for women and couples who are pregnant or planning for pregnancy. We provide free information that is comprehensive, unbiased, and easy-to-read.  We support our mission by also offering -- for a reasonable fee -- personalized screening plans that are based on each woman or couple’s health and family’s health. 

About Our Founder

Our founder, Elizabeth Kearney, has a family history of hemophilia, an inherited disease. When she was 14 years old, her mother, a nurse, explained how hemophilia A is inherited on the X chromosome, and therefore mostly affects boys. It meant that Elizabeth might be a carrier and have to decide whether to have children, and if so, whether to consider genetic testing.

Elizabeth Kearney, MS, CGC, MBA

Elizabeth began to research inherited diseases and was fascinated that something inside a cell could have such broad consequences for an individual’s health and family planning. She became a genetic counselor to combine her interest with the science of genetics with her understanding of how genetics impacts real families. 

Elizabeth has worked in genetics for over 20 years. The promise of genomic medicine at times is daunting and seems unachievable.  However, many patients and families could benefit from genetic information available today. However, given the limited use of genetics in healthcare, most of those patients will never know about those services. 

By founding Mainstream Genomics, Elizabeth hopes to make genetic services more available to women, even prior to pregnancy.  Women have more choices before pregnancy, and they are likely to have less anxiety without the pressure of time to make decisions. 

About Our Team

At Mainstream Genomics, we have expert genetics and technology professionals designing our software to support women and their healthcare providers. Our clinical advisers includes experts who sub-specialize in obstetrics, oncology, cardiology, and more. We keep up with the latest medical guidelines and stay abreast of advances in genetic testing technology.

Antonina Wojcik, MS, CGC


Antonina has extensive experience in pediatric genetics with emphasis on neurodevelopmental disorders. She is passionate about the integration of genetics into all areas of medicine, improving access to genetic testing for patients and their families, and advancement of the genetic counseling field. Antonina obtained her masters degree in genetic counseling from California State University, Stanislaus. 

Steven Meads


Steven Meads is a software engineer with experience creating consumer and B2B products. Steve has held numerous positions leading software teams at Social Finance, Inc (dba SoFi), supporting products such as SoFi’s personal loan and first B2B product. Steve has a dual degree from the University of Utah in Chinese and International Studies and graduated from the advanced software engineering program, Codesmith.

About Our Advisors

Craig Darling


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Craig is an accomplished sales and marketing leader with expertise in commercializing novel healthcare technologies including experience with implementation in the hospital setting. He is currently Senior Director of sales at Veracyte. Prior to Veracyte, Craig held various sales and marketing management roles with healthcare technology companies.

Prashanth Kini, PhD


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Prashanth is founder of AcumedAI, a healthcare technology startup leveraging Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning capabilities to deliver breakthrough insights and prescriptive recommendations to support healthcare organizations' critical financial, clinical and operational decisions. Prashanth has 25 years experience in healthcare and life sciences technology and management leadership at Fortune 50 and innovative startup companies including Procter & Gamble, Oracle and Ayasdi.  

Michael Peltier


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Building on 15 years in the biotech industry in roles ranging from Application Engineering to Product Management, Mike has a strong desire to bring leading edge technology  to patients. The challenge of creating technology solutions is fun, but most importantly, creates value and provides solutions for people in need.

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