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Simple tools to practice precision medicine.

Bring genetics into practice today.

Patients rely on healthcare providers to guide the best medical choices for them. With over 65,000 unique genetic tests on the market and an average of 10 new tests are added every day,* busy clinicians cannot keep up with genetic technology.

It just can't be done.‚Äč

Personalized Care

Today, consumers expect care that is specialized just for them. With the right tools, genetic risk assessment can improve management and prevent disease on a patient-by-patient basis.

Free of Bias

We are not a lab, and we don’t take money from genetic testing laboratories. Therefore, our interest is solely in supporting clinicians and their patients. Our tools are developed by expert genetics professionals based on national guidelines.

Time Savings

At Mainstream Genomics, we understand that clinicians are busy.  Genetics is just one more thing. We provide tools and support for your in-house genetics team or from our own genetics experts to reduce burdens for already strained staff.

Mainstream Genomics offers health systems and physician practices a technology platform that digitizes genetic education and risk assessment, removing the burden from clinicians with a scalable tool to expand the reach of precision medicine.

What We Do

Mainstream Genomics offers easy-to-integrate tools and support for: 

  • Patient education

  • Online case review

  • Evaluation of new genetic tests

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