Whether you are ready now or still deciding, your family health history is an important step.

Why Think About Genetics

Pregnant or

Planning for Pregnancy?

No one wants to focus on what could go wrong in pregnancy. And they shouldn’t.  The greatest chances for most pregnancies is a healthy baby. However, knowing in advance that there is a higher chance for a birth defect or problem with development may allow:


Access a growing number of therapies for inherited disease.


Decide about conceiving, freezing eggs, using a donor, testing embryos through IVF, or adopting.


Test a fetus at risk to make pregnancy or newborn care decisions.

Why Mainstream Genomics

Most prenatal care or fertility providers will offer some routine genetic testing and ask some basic questions about family health history. The information is incomplete without in-depth family history from a genetics expert like a genetic counselor.


   More than 10% of women or couples have a genetic risk that routine prenatal care does not identify.


Research shows that genetic professionals are more familiar with genetic risk and genetic testing.


We will listen and help you make decisions that are right for you and your family.

How It Works






a review of your family health history.


your health and family information.


your Personalized Screening Plan.


with one of our genetics experts.

What We Might Tell You

What you can learn from reviewing family health history?  There are three possible outcomes of our genetic counselors’ complete review of your health and family information:

You can plan on routine genetic screening for your pregnancy. We will still explain options for what can be done before pregnancy to keep as many options open as possible.

We will suggest some genetic or other medical testing that is not routinely offered in all pregnancies.

A known risk does not mean a definite problem, but we will explain your choices for family planning and diagnostic testing and support your decisions.

Download a sample plan.

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Meet Our Experts

A certified and licensed genetic counselor reviews every woman’s Family Screen. Genetic counselors are health professionals trained to help people understand genetic risks in their families and from genetic testing.


We also have a team of genetics specialists with deep expertise in clinical areas such as assisted reproductive technology, obstetrics, oncology, cardiology, and more. They provide advice to our genetic counselors when specialized expertise in a particular area is needed.

Our Services

For people who are considering pregnancy, freezing eggs, or fertility care

For people who are already pregnant

For people who want to learn their chances for inherited diseases of adulthood.

What People Are Saying about Mainstream Genomics

I've started asking myself if I want to have children. Finding resources to know if I can have children and what the risks are at my age has not been easy. I now feel confident about the next steps.

— Maria, 38

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